My name is Naberie, I’m a drummer (most of the time). A musician. I like good music. All kinds of good music. What is good music? But, for me, it's the music from the 80s. And I have to confess that I’m not a Metal Chick. I like some Metal bands but not all of them. I enjoy all kinds of different musical styles. Many guys see my drum covers and they ask me to cover all those Speed Metal Thrash Bands. I recognize the speed of all those drummers but that’s not for me. Sorry guys!


I was born in Solothurn, Switzerland, back in 70's. Most likely because Los Endos is one of my favorite tracks by Genesis and because Phil Collins is one of my favorite drummers. The harmony between Chester Thompson and Phil Collins fascinated me from the beginning. I have never again seen two drummers have played such energetic drum duets.


Around that time (back in 1980), I started drumming. I was fascinated with the drums as an infant. I kept up with his musical studies through school and attended Jazz College of Music Luzern for four year. I have played sessions on a lot of recordings over the years, live and in studios. I can sight read drum or keyboard parts and love improvising a gig with just a nod and a wink. I have successfully learned several professions and graduated with a diploma. I have learned the profession of event technician specializing in lighting and laser technology. I also graduated with a diploma in pyrotechnics for stage and TV production. Training as Master of Arts, proessional musician in the field of drumming / percussion and addition for live / recording & studio Production. 


What is possible?

If you believe. If you want. When you fight. If man gets help. Then many things are possible.


Ex-professional drummer. After an accident, many surgeries, many hours of rehabilitation and at home, I started to learn drums again. All over. Just as I learned it as a child. Again with 45 years. Yes, I do not play this anymore


quality from back then. But I am satisfied. Not everyone started playing the drums twice in his life. It goes on! I am back! Only that counts. I keep practicing and I will get better. That is my goal. Thank you all who believed in me. I thank all those who supported me. Trained with me and made me fit again. The doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, my family doctor, my friends, acquaintances, my band, and finally my dearest and greatest support without them, that everything would never have been possible, Taess. Thank you